John Kappa | Designer & Creator of Things
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Melbourne based Designer & Creator of Things, founder of Perception Design, co-founder of Megzy and senior designer & brand manager for Blockbid.

I’ve been a designer, business owner, tech enthusiast, cook, bartender, friend, favourite uncle, & avid traveller.

I started Perception Design some time ago (15+ yrs). I’m always looking to collaborate on anything creative, constructive or for a good cause. I’m currently reading this – and listening to this.

I recently co-found Megzy, a men’s swimwear and shorts brand. I’m also working as the senior designer & brand manager for Blockbid, and we’re creating something really special in the crypto world.

I’m fascinated with the art of self-improvement, philosophy, culture & what makes us tick.

Always looking to know more today than I did yesterday, and super happy when someone opens my mind to something new.

Get in touch and say hello – you can email me at